Hungarian police: „nothing happened.” Really?

Dear Hungarian police,

I just received a letter from you letting me know that you have discontinued the proceedings and the investigation on my case. It has already been three months since we met at the border in Horgosz in Serbia. I was hit on the head, handcuffed and finally taken to the police station in Szeged, Hungary. You accused me of attacking one of your officers and crossing the border illegally. Now you are writing that non of it happened and that I entered your country „accidentally.”

On 16th September at the Horgosz-Roeszke border you clashed with migrants trying to get in to Hungary. You acted violently with no reason, beating men as well as women and children. What’s more you attacked foreign corespondents covering the story.

I have an impression that you have no idea or you do not want to know what really happened.

1. One of you was provoked by a migrant and tried to catch him but did not manage. Another officer followed the first one. After him another and another. Eventually all of you ran towards them (we have it filmed). It seemed chaotic and not coordinated. Suddenly some of you used batons against journalists.

2. I had a microphone in my left hand. My cameraman was right next to me. You knew that we were from a TV station but you ignored it and hit me.

3. I was bleeding and shocked. You can see me in the picture taken by Warren Richardson. Do you remember him? He is the Australian photographer who was beaten by some of you and arrested with me and another journalist from Slovakia.

4. Your colleagues took care of me. I showed them my passport and press card and explained what had happened. They seemed quite emphatic. I believed they would help me go back to the Serbian side of the border and find my cameraman but instead I was handcuffed and forced to go to Hungary.

5. I was accused of hitting a Hungarian officer.

6. I spent a couple of hours in a hospital in Szeged. Did you have to send three armed officers to keep watch on me?

7. At the police station in Szeged I could see the way you treated refugees. You humiliated them. I remember an old man, without shoes, handcuffed, very tired, standing in a crowded room and having his bag controlled. Why did all of us have to watch his underwear and private belongings and listen to his interrogation?

8. You did not let me contact the Polish embassy. The Consul General of Poland, who was eventually informed about my situation, was forced to wait over two hours before he could speak with your colleagues. It has never happened before.

9. Despite the fact that one of your officers said I was detained in Hungary but not in Europe, I have to stress that Hungary is a member of the European Union since 2004 and due to that is still obliged to respect European laws and etiquette.

10. I was imprisoned for several hours. You forgot to take my phone away. I managed to contact my company and write about my situation on Twitter.

11. My interrogation lasted over two hours. You were obliged by the law to send me a copy of it but you didn’t. Now you are writing in your letter that I said I crossed the Hungarian border „accidentally.” It is not true. I did not say that. What’s more I was forced by your people to enter Hungary.

I want to believe that your letter is a lack of knowledge, not malice and an attempt to escape responsibility for the unlawful action.

Your sincerely
Jacek Tacik


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  1. ania - 30/12/2015 22:42

    Dobrze, że wyszedł Pan z tego bez poważniejszych obrażeń.
    Myśli Pan, że będzie odzew z ich strony … ?

  2. jedem das seine - 31/12/2015 17:37

    hülye libsi

  3. Gabor - 31/12/2015 18:43

    Végtelenül sajnálom, ami Önnel történt. Mi nem vagyunk ilyenek.
    De ha Önök sem vigyáznak a kormányukkal, hamar hasonló helyzetbe kerülnek Lengyelországban.
    I’m so sorry…

    • padilla - 01/01/2016 09:34

      de ilyenek vagyunk. ha liberális felforgatók a beözönleni kívánó ellenséget támogatják, biztatják, soros üzenetekkel látják el, akkor bizony ütünk. nem vagyunk buzik. a magyar férfias nép.

  4. jedem das seine - 31/12/2015 21:53

    „liberal” blogger censors non-liberal comment

  5. jedem das seine - 31/12/2015 21:55

    so much for the freedom of expression

  6. mitgal - 01/01/2016 00:27

    Sorry for that, really. This is how an illiberal state works and this will happen to Poland with the survivor of the Kaczynski morons…

  7. Cass - 01/01/2016 02:25

    Censored-deleted comments, 0 evidence, no pictures, no videos, nothing just your words from a journalist.
    Oh well, maybe you got paid to write this down. whatever.

  8. zsolt - 01/01/2016 07:51

    przepraszam w imie 10 millonów wegrów
    Juz Pan widzi jak wyglada Illiberalizm Orbana
    Uwaga Polacy Kaczynski grozi demokracje….

  9. Papa Smerf - 01/01/2016 08:40

    A po coś się tam pchał i płakał jak to biednych migrantów nie chcą na Węgry wpuścić ? Sam sobie weź muslima do mieszkania i nie pchaj się gdzie cię nie chcą. Sam jesteś sobie winien i masz szczęście że nie trafiłeś do pierdla na długie miesiące za przeszkadzanie funkcjonariuszom państwowym w wykonywaniu ich czynności.

  10. padilla - 01/01/2016 09:24

    ha megverték volna magát az sem lenne baj. maga liberális. az meg verve jó.

  11. Lajos/Ludwig - 01/01/2016 09:26

    We lost our democracy in 2010, Polish, you hold this !
    I,m very sorry in the name of 9 millions hungarians – Good luck Jacek !

    • padilla - 01/01/2016 09:29

      9 millió magyar nevében? hadd röhögjek. csak a magáéban kérjen! zokogjon a kaftánja ujjába!

  12. Laszlp - 01/01/2016 11:38

    Sorry for the attrocities, no way to approve it!
    However, it is a mixture of important an particular event (E.g. Important: hurting a journalist, Particular: man without shoes … watching underware of migrants …You did not specify in which way the migrants were humiliated … etc.)
    You did not describe important points. A policeman hit you. Your cameramen was next to you. Did he record this event. Was your camera online connected to TV company central office? In such cases it would be helpful for documentation. (if it is possible under the circumstances!)

  13. Sandor - 01/01/2016 23:39

    If any state/goverment build a fence and add up to a sign on it like „no thoroughfare here” i do NOT TRY to climb over because may be i get a bullet to my head! (Please check the arab statets, Asia or Israel!)
    If you stand and google in the fireline, you have a big chace to get a bullet. (Ancient mohawk wisdom!)
    If i use my shotgun to pump buckshot to a lot of zombies outside of my fence, i have no chance to aim perfectly!


  14. Sárközi Viktor - 02/01/2016 13:46

    Tisztelt Jacek Tavik. Őszintén sajnálom ami Önnel történt. Szégyenletes amit padilla posztolt, ezt sajnos a jelenlegi hatalom eltűri, sőt bátorítja. Szerintem padillának fogalma sincs a liberalizmusról, az európaiságról, a jogállamról. De most mindenkit szabadon lehet szídni, aki nem a „keresztény konzervatív jobboldal” hamis igazságát kántálja. Javaslom, hogy olvassa el a Bibliát – nem könnyű olvasmány – és éljen annak a szellemében, amit ez a szent könyv sugal. Mert a jelenlegi vezetőink szellemisége se nem keresztényi, se nem jobboldali.

  15. Maria - 13/01/2016 20:34

    Panie Jacku,
    właściwie nie zdarza mi się komentować żadnych wpisów w internecie, ale Pańskiego bloga śledzę i czekam na każdy wpis z niezwykłym zaciekawieniem i zainteresowaniem.
    Niezmiernie mi przykro ze względu na to, co wydarzyło się na granicy serbsko-węgierskiej, a także ze względu na to jak ta historia się ostatecznie potoczyła.
    Dziękuję za wspaniałe materiały w Wiadomościach. Byłam i jestem pod ogromnym wrażeniem Pana kompetencji, zaangażowania i umiejętności! Pana znajomość języków i profesjonalizm są godne podziwu.
    Z wyrazami szacunku,